..it's the one of a great passion!


We are a team of passionate people, with different and complementary personalities, and we put together our positive (and overwhelming) energies in order to create for you the best instruments.

Since 2016, we are lucky to practice a "passion" job. Every day, we work with beautiful woods and think about the best way to share our vision of the guitar and bass with you.

De Leeuw's high quality guitars are built with respect to traditional lutherie, without renouncing to modernity (both aesthetically and acoustically).

We favour local wood species. We do our best to avoid plastic and solvents that are harmful to the environment.

We favor oiled finishes (to let the instrument vibrate and breathe, and avoid the use of polyurethane varnishes).

We apply stains instead of paints (to honor the nobility of the wood).

We specialize in instruments with through necks (for obvious reasons of ergonomics, unusual playing sensations, better transmission of vibrations).


September 2022

Opening of the new workshops in Pont-Sainte-Maxence. The team is growing.

March 2022

At the time of our first participation in the Paris Guitar Show, we arrived in the finalists of the price of the public in October 2021.

It is this same prize which is finally won in March 2022, still at the Paris Guitar Show, with the NINA DEEP BLUE.

July 2021

It is the creation of De Leeuw Guitars, under the aegis of a company founded for the for the occasion, DYPL SOUND (in July 2021).

In the wake of this, we opened a showroom in Paris (the Secret Lab) and an E-commerce website, a Youtube Channel and started to exhibit our creations in a few national trade shows.


Quentin opens his first workshop and officially sets up as a guitar maker.


Une équipe éclairée et partageant une vision commune


Quentin is the guitar maker at De Leeuw Guitars. Passionate about wood since his childhood, he decided to take all the diplomas on wood that his school the École des Métiers d'Art of Saint-Quentin counts in order to master all its aspects. He was trained in cabinet making with the creation and restoration of traditional French furniture (Louis XV and Louis XVI), marquetry, wood carving and lutherie with the traditional creation of musical instruments.

Quentin has always been passionate about the guitar and that's why he applied his knowledge to the making of electric instruments.
And his knowledge is extensive!

From how to select a tree, to how to cut the right piece at the right place and angle, to how to assemble it to bring out the natural beauty and the most beautiful designs, all this is put into practice to make exceptional instruments.
Quentin De Leeuw - Co-fondateur et chef d'atelier de la marque de lutherie française De Leeuw Guitars. Guitare Made in France - Guitar à manche traversant Made in France


David has worked in the tech industry and was the co-founder of one of the first 1,000 startups at Station F in Paris.

David decided to join Quentin and Yann in the creation of De Leeuw Guitars after seeing Quentin's exceptional work and the French know-how applied to guitars.

Raised on rock and roll, passionate about the arts, fashion and the technology industry, he saw the best way to combine his passions, his eye and his technological knowledge into one project.

David is in charge of the website, commercial partnerships, international development and the financial side of the company.