De Leeuw Guitars is the French guitar maker that handcrafts electric and bass guitars with neck through. Made in France in its workshop in Pont-Sainte-Maxence.

TC_AIR_KINTSUGI_Front_and_Back_De_Leeuw_Guitars_Paris_Made_in_France_Luthier_Guitar_Maker_France_Neck_Through_Manche_Traversant_ TC_AIR_KINTSUGI_Front_and_Back_De_Leeuw_Guitars_Paris_Made_in_France_Luthier_Guitar_Maker_France_Neck_Through_Manche_Traversant_


A light and expressive guitar


The successful fusion between modernity and tradition.
NINA_DEEP_BLUE_De_Leeuw_Guitars_Paris_Made_in_France_Luthier_Guitar_Maker_France_Neck_Through_Manche_Traversant NINA_DEEP_BLUE_De_Leeuw_Guitars_Paris_Made_in_France_Luthier_Guitar_Maker_France_Neck_Through_Manche_Traversant


A light and expressive guitar

Quentin De Leeuw reintroduces the know-how of the neck through electric guitar while while blending Artisanat d'Art (fine craftsmanship), modern design, precision, comfort and a timeless sound.

It is in the Oise, his native region, that he chose to set up his workshop "De Leeuw Guitars" 6 years ago. The workshop is located in Pont-Sainte-Maxence.

"I want to offer high quality electric guitars inspired by the neck through design of pre-industrial guitars while combining modernity, precision, comfort, exceptional sustain, a rich and timeless sound. "

Quentin De Leeuw

NINA_DEEP_BLUE_Paris_shooting_De_Leeuw_Guitars_Paris_Made_in_France_Luthier_Guitar_Maker_France_Neck_Through_Manche_Traversant NINA_DEEP_BLUE_Paris_shooting_De_Leeuw_Guitars_Paris_Made_in_France_Luthier_Guitar_Maker_France_Neck_Through_Manche_Traversant
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The vast majority of Instruments in the guitar family are industrially made, with each worker performing a specific task in the production line. Our craftsman approach is one of custom design for both our line and our Custom Shop.
Our instruments are made to order and the De Leeuw Guitars team pays attention to every detail, from the choice of woods to the selection of pickups that will enhance your playing. This is to guarantee you a unique and expressive instrument, which will be the extension of your musicality.
When Johan Papaconstantino gave an electrifying performance at the We Love Green festival


The instruments of the Air series evoke the French style by combining lightness, sensuality and character.

With its soft and sensual shape and "non traditional" electronic configuration, the AIR series will take you to new creative territories. From electro-acoustic to warm crunch, sculpt your sound to achieve unparalleled expressiveness.


The instruments of the Modern series are the perfect fusion of modernity and tradition.

The first instrument developed by Quentin De Leeuw, the MS6 shape, is the result of many years of work bringing together all the technical and ergonomic specificities allowing an exceptional playing comfort whatever the style and an exceptional tonal balance.

In addition, the instrument benefits from precision and expressiveness which will seduce the guitarists fond of technicality.

Available in 6, 7 and 8 strings.


The instruments of the bass guitar series evoke our creativity and our love for wood.

From vintage roundness to free form styles, we always combine modern comfort and balance. Our basses embrace our desire to offer exceptional instruments that combine tradition, modernity and lightness.

Available in 4, 5 and 6 strings.

The Reinvented Classics

The instruments in the Classiques Series evoke our French DNA by combining lightness, finesse, sensual curves and character.

This range made to order integrates all our know-how and our vision of the guitar, namely a design combining modernity and tradition. Entirely handmade in the Oise region of France, with a carbon reinforced neck, hollowed and refined wings, essentially local woods, hand wound pickups and the best hardware.
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We also make 100% custom instruments.
Whether you want to start from one of our designs or you want a particular shape, we put all our knowledge at the service of the instrument of your dreams.
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Our French Know-How

  • Our instruments are 100% handmade in our workshop in France and we favor local woods.

  • We are specialized in carbon reinforced neck through designs.
  • We avoid plastic and other polluting materials (solvents).
  • We select the best fittings.
  • We take only the best hand-wound pickups.
When making an instrument, the De Leeuw Guitars team pays attention to every detail, from the choice of woods to the selection of pickups that will enhance your playing, in order to guarantee a unique and expressive instrument that will be the extension of your musicality.