Would you like an extra string?

Pass the 5th, it's a highway!

For those who do not have enough of 4 strings, we had to bring them our knowledge in terms of ergonomics. With a constant focus on balance and ergonomics, we offer you our version of this 5 string instrument. If you add to that hand-wound pickups, associated with an Aguilar preamp, it gives a super responsive instrument to all your playing nuances.


The bass frequencies require a particular selection of woodwinds in order to enhance the expected frequencies.

Manche traversant et profilé

A comfortable neck on the whole fingerboard, in 5 strings... It is possible ! Why should you sulk about it?

Pickups + preamp

A hand-wound pickup designed with the greatest care to which we add an Aguilar preamp to sculpt your sound.

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