Johan Papaconstantino's music is like a sunset in the creeks at the tip of Marseille, or a more intense stroll in the port of Piraeus. Or quite simply the moods, hearts and celebrations of a self-taught young man from Marseilles who switches from brush to microphone.

Accompanied by his guitar, bouzouki and machines, he gives a second life to Rebetiko, the music of his childhood, that of his parents, but above all that of the Athens underworld of the 1930s.


“On « Premier Degré », Johan Papaconstantino mixes up with electro (and it is beautiful)”
– les Inrocks

“Johan Papaconstatino’s oriental funk will save your after party mornings”
– i-D

“There is no one like him”
– Le Parisien

When Johan Papaconstantino gave an electrifying performance at the We Love Green festival

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