Why a custom guitar? (5 out of 5)


What conclusions can we draw from the last few months with the “beast”?

We're not going to beat around the bush: I only play with this guitar!
My other guitars have remained in their respective cases.

It's very simple: when you have spent years on different instruments with the desire to combine all the qualities of each other in a new instrument, that changes everything!

The wood is beautiful, and the oiled finish gives it a "lively" aspect.
I tend to have to wipe the necks of my guitar regularly because I have a "sticky hand" feeling after a few playing time, with oiled wood, it's over.

I like the fluidity of this handle, I like the weight of the set.

Some may prefer varnished or painted guitars, but the feel of an "oiled wood" guitar is a different experience. Personally, I feel like I am even more fused with this instrument. This is undoubtedly reinforced by the fact that it is unique and that it is the result of many years of reflection.

Regarding the microphones

During the initial edit, m we chose versatility.

I chose Seymour Duncan P-rails pickups combined with a piezo pickup in the bridge.
Warning nightmarish wiring in perspective 🙂
P-rails are supposed to combine 4 types of sounds:
- Simple
- P90
- Humbucker
The Piezo pickup is there to bring the sound of an electro-acoustic guitar.
No less than 24 possible microphone combinations, all mixable with a Piezo pickup.

The positions were activated using potentiometers in PUSH / PULL.

The P-rails might not be the last pickups this guitar knew, but they allowed me to test different types of tones with this guitar. And that is a super luxury!

Even if we can blame them for a slight lack of character, they do the job.
I changed them after a few weeks because I had finally found my ideal combination on the instrument: P90 on the neck and PAF Classic 57 in easel. Because yes, in the end, I was no longer playing with push / pull, I stayed in my favorite positions.

Another very personal point: the P-rails are very powerful microphones (18 kOhms for the bridge). Normal when you know that you add a single and a p90. But I preferred microphones with a lower output level to promote dynamics.

The set from Dreamsongs Pickup fulfills its role perfectly from my point of view.

Quickly, the P90 became my go-to mic because it combines (from my point of view) the advantages of a good single, adding dynamics and superior warmth. We're not really on a single, we're not on a humbucker, and it does!

We can go for some crystal clear sound, and we can go crunch just by pushing the attack. The volume potentiometer takes all its interest because we explore new sonic territories by playing with it.

As for the Classic 57, it allows me to keep a good old typical rock sound… And we immediately have the color 🙂

I'm not going to elaborate on the Piezo, but I do have a very wide range of sound with this guitar, but with a personality of its own.


I now regularly test guitars from the workshop (# OnNeFaitPasUnMétierFacile), I am proud of all these instruments that come out of the workshop.
But I can guarantee you that your instrument, the one that you have imagined for years, and that you will one day have made by a luthier, will be a unique instrument that you will not be able to do without. my case.

I will stop there because I can still make toast ...

We look forward to seeing you at the workshop or at a trade show, to share this passion with you and continue the discussion, or better yet, have you try my guitar 🙂

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I've been working with Quentin for some time. However, I wanted to share my feedback with hindsight while maintaining my objectivity.


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