Why a custom guitar? (4 of 5)


Before arriving at the result, you should:
- Validate the woods found by the luthier
- Refine some outstanding details
- Validate the final choice of electrical before ordering and fitting

- Be patient because it takes work time and delays between certain stages!

After several months, and several hours on the phone and exchanging photos of the stages in progress, you receive a call:
- That's it Yann, I've climbed the ropes!
- So what ... does it ring?
- That sounds terrible (smile of the luthier who can be heard over the phone)

- Aaaaaargh (choking voice from the guitarist who thinks he's Christmas Eve)

Then… Slight anguish… Would I be worthy of this instrument?

Namely with oiled wood, it takes time for the oil to dry properly in the wood. It will take some time (2 to 3 weeks max) for the guitar to take its "vibration".

You will therefore spend several hours discovering it and hearing it transform under your fingers.

My feeling:
Ordering a guitar from a luthier is a very personal process, which brings incredible results.
This will sound strange to you, but I've learned a lot about myself, and the way I approach the instrument.
I've always believed that a good instrument changes everything. Don't we say “a good craftsman has good tools”?.

I have always thought that you have to fall in love with your instrument, because one instrument will allow you to bring out a sensitivity that will not be there on another instrument.

I confirm it to you.

I haven't "disowned" my other guitars. They always have their characters and their sleeves, their microphones, induce their own way of playing.

But this new guitar is an exceptional item.

The contact of this oiled wood is magical. I vibrate directly with the instrument. I play differently.
It is the fruit of a thought that has become an object through the work of one person.

The work of a luthier is that of a magician, and you must always get along well with magicians 🙂

My thinking as I write these lines:

"to have fewer things, but more beautiful things ... And use them to produce beautiful things"

Here is the result in image:

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This text had already been published on social networks before the establishment of our collaboration with Quentin. Some following texts will be slightly retouched in order to correspond to my way of seeing things, with several months of hindsight on this experience.

See you soon for the rest 🙂

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