Why a custom guitar (2 of 5)


The luthier who will make your guitar must understand you and share the same “philosophy as you”.
Even if a talented luthier knows how to do everything a priori, each one will have his specificities, his tastes, his know-how.
But above all, choosing a luthier means choosing a person, with his sensitivity, his listening skills and his know-how, who will understand you and with whom you will interact.
We therefore have the choice of contacting someone who already has their models or shapes or another who will accept and understand your request.
Then come the practical questions:

· Prices

There are plenty of talented luthiers out there, so how do you choose?

I took a while to research. This forced me to ask myself several crucial questions, such as: "Do I know exactly what I want, or do I admire the work of a particular luthier?" ».

This forced me to better define what I was looking for: what type of shape, what type of sound, what mics, etc.

I wanted wood, living wood that you touch. So I looked for a luthier who would understand my desire to touch wood, who would accept my obsession with "I don't want any plastic on my guitar".

I wanted to "revisit" a big brand's "SG" model, and I had an arm-long list of requests.

After that, the search was easier.
I came across a young and talented luthier, less than 100 km from my home, named Quentin De Leeuw.
The (telephone) contact was direct and excellent.

We talked about wood, neck through, technical constraints… and we made an appointment.
So I came to his workshop with a few guitars under my arm to back up my point.

A few days later I had my quote and the adventure began ... well, the rest of the adventure ... or the start of the real adventure!


This text had already been published on social networks before the establishment of our collaboration with Quentin. Some following texts will be slightly retouched to correspond to my way of seeing things, with several months of hindsight on this experience.

See you soon for the rest 🙂

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