Why a custom guitar? (1 of 5)


Since 1990, I have seen a lot of instruments go by at home.

I kept some, I sold some.

I have made a few guitars myself, out of challenge, which work but have kept an "unfinished" side (which suited my period ... very rock :-)).

We're always looking for something. It sounds like the quest for the Grail.
Either to improve playing comfort or a sound, which is not exactly what we have in mind. I found myself in the following situation: each guitar had its personality, its qualities, its faults.

I liked them all for different reasons. There was always the “I love the neck of this one, but I prefer the shape of such and such.”
I could have wanted to modify these guitars, to make them evolve.
But I must say that I was lucky to have (and still have) "special" instruments. That is to say, brands that are not necessarily the most common, or even pre-series or anniversary series of certain models. I didn't necessarily want to "distort" these guitars which, in their original configurations, all had their purpose. With their quality and their flaws.

In short, one day we are fed up with series guitars, from big brands or not, which are always missing something. We start to look for luthiers, and we realize that the magnificent work of certain craftsmen is not more expensive than certain guitars of major brands, and that by defining well what we are looking for, we will have an object unique, perfectly adjusted, and which will make our little eyes of eternal child shine.

We may end up finding this Grail 🙂


This text had already been published on social networks before the establishment of our collaboration with Quentin. Some following texts will be slightly retouched to correspond to my way of seeing things, with several months of hindsight on this experience.

See you soon for the rest 🙂

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