Issoudun Guitar Festival - Guitar making fair

Notre stand

What a pleasure this festival was!

For us, it was the first time... And what a first time!

During 2 days, we met :

• Talented and renowned guitar makers

• Passionate people

• Guitarists from all horizons

• Wood dealers

• Suppliers (mother of pearl...)

• Journalists

• And of course, there were the concerts :-)

So, of course, we're giving you all this in a bit of a mess. In fact, this experience has been so dynamic and enriching that it is difficult for us to describe it to you.

In a few words: you enjoyed our guitars and we had a great time meeting you.

Now, we have some work to do on the website in order to put online all the instruments that you could test on the last shows.

See you soon :-)

Vue du grand hall

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