[CUSTOM SHOP] 'MS7' Citron
[CUSTOM SHOP] 'MS7' Citron
[CUSTOM SHOP] 'MS7' Citron
[CUSTOM SHOP] 'MS7' Citron
[CUSTOM SHOP] 'MS7' Citron
[CUSTOM SHOP] 'MS7' Citron

[CUSTOM SHOP] 'MS7' Citron

The delay for receiving an order is currently 3 to 4 months
7 strings version of our MS

     7-ply neck-thru, ash/wenge
     Ash body with wenge binding
     QD logo in black mother of pearl
     Ceylon lemon table
     DiMarzio Blaze pickups

Making beautiful things, and doing them well, takes time.

That's why not all our instruments have the same delivery time.

From the time of stabilization of the wood after cutting, to the finishing touches, it takes several weeks of work.This is why all our instruments do not have the same delivery times.

1 week: the instrument is available in stock, in permanent collection or undergoing quality control.

6 to 9 weeks: the instrument is in the process of being finished or requires work on the final shade. We take care of your future instrument so that it is unique and perfect.

6 months: You want a custom instrument? This is the minimum time you will have to wait for : - We select the wood for you and with you.- That we work on the desired microphone configuration- That the finishing touches are perfect before you take possession of it.

You can then choose to receive it at home or to come and pick it up in our Parisian "Secret lab".

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