The vintage aesthetic worked in a light, comfortable and vibrant version.

The Thinline spirit, only better!

The TC AIR guitars have a vintage aesthetis combined with a Thinline design.

We have taken great care in designing this model so that it offers you exceptional playing comfort, as well as a surprising sound projection for its size. Its walnut body combined with an ultra comfortable neck through (also made of walnut) guarantees a great sustain and expressiveness.

The presence of a mixable (or not) Piezo pickup with its hand-wound P90's offers you an unparalleled sound palette.

No need to break your back anymore to have a remarkable instrument.

What if you discover the electric guitar again?

Two hand-wound P90s

It is not one but two P90 that we put on this guitar. These pickups have roundness, slap and dynamics! What to say about the intermediate position... You'll have to try it!

Outstanding woods

A body in Walnut (French, of course), carefully selected for its density and its designs, is associated with a soundboard in yew which favors the sound projection of the instrument.

We continue to search for the best woods to continue to surprise you.


The properties and the density of the selected woods allow an excellent definition of the note as well as an incredible sustain. Might as well combine the useful with the pleasant, right?


Its "semi hollow" design gives it a great lightness. It is also a very balanced guitar. Whatever your style, this is a guitar that you will be comfortable playing seated, while standing, while lying down and even in weightlessness.

A Piezo sensor under each string

This sensor allows you to have the sound of an electro acoustic guitar on an "electric" type guitar. Of course, we don't stop there... We offer you the possibility to mix the sound of the P90 and the Piezo.

Swan Vaude + Alexandre Carruana - Impro funk

Swan Vaude + Alexandre Carruana - The Chicken - Jaco Pastorius

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