<transcy>Light, vibrant and inspiring instruments</transcy>


With these instruments, we wanted to allow you to explore new sound territories.

A hand-wound pickup (to be chosen according to your tastes) is associated with a Piezo sensor in the bridge. You can play with one or the other... Or both at the same time.

What if it was time for you to rediscover the guitar and/or the bass guitar?

Hand-coiled Pickups

In any case, on the AIR range, you will have a hand-coiled pickup to guarantee a dynamic and open sound.

A "semi hollow" body

We hollow out the body before gluing the top. This is the secret of the lightness of this range, as well as its acoustic depth.

Comfort of play

As always at De Leeuw Guitars, we build our guitars around through necks. This makes exceptional playing comfort and access to the treble.

Electro acoustic

We use a Piezo sensor in the bridge. Each string has its own sensor. The electro-acoustic tones are lively, precise and pleasant.

<transcy>a wide range of possibilities</transcy>

Thanks to the combination of its magnetic pickup and its Piezo sensor, the AIR range instruments allow you to explore new sound territories.
Switch from one to the other... Or mix the two to sculpt your sound.

<transcy>To make it short...</transcy>

You will find in the AIR range instruments that are light in weight and designed for expressiveness.
No need to choose between playing comfort and technical performance.
We have worked for you on the best magnetic pickups and electro-acoustic sensors, so that you can go from a warm sound to a crystal clear sound.
Moreover, the mix of these two technologies allows you to go very far in creating your own sound universe.

Whether it's guitar or bass guitar, fretted or fretless, you can be sure you'll have an exceptional instrument!

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