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<transcy>Because when we like it, we say it!</transcy>
We are lucky enough to have a "passion" job. That's why we wanted to share with you a list of people related to our universe. Whether it is :
- Partners
- People or companies whose work we appreciate
- Youtube channels
- Musicians
- etc.


This list is not exhaustive and will be expanded as time goes by.

Please note:
- This list is in alphabetical order, not in order of preference 😉
- Click on the logos to follow the links
<transcy>DESS EQUIPMENT</transcy>
A whole range of intelligent and powerful products that will allow you to make the most of your favorite equipment.

You will find switches, midi controllers, power supplies, cables...

Go and see who they work with and you will understand that it is serious.
<transcy>DREAMSONGS PICKUP</transcy>

Italian manufacturer with whom we share the love of a job well done. They offer you a full range of handmade microphones.

Enough to equip good guitars and good bass.

We love it!


Musician with a strong focus on the guitar, you will find on his site (and on his Youtube channel) advice and training both on playing techniques and on how to work on your sound.

Do not do not sulk your pleasure and follow his advice 😉


A real “Netflix” of the guitar!
On his subscription channel, Pierre Journel offers you interviews, reviews, tests, an educational page, etc.

Subscribers “ Backstage ”will even have access to the Parisian showroom as well as to the“ gear tour ”.

THE EAR-MODERN Is it necessary to present Laurent Rousseau and his site ?

As fascinating as passionate, he will take you on a poetic journey in all corners of the musical world and its many colors.

Midgnight Burst

Depuis 2016, ce groupe lyonnais mets toute son énergie rock/blues au service de nos oreilles, et nous on aime :-)
De plus, Nikk et Stan viennent régulièrement tester nos instruments et vous les faire écouter en vidéos.


Des cordes de guitares électriques français !
Ils font des cordes depuis 1770. Donc ils savent de quoi ils parlent ;-)
Bien entendu il ne font pas que des cordes pour électriques (vu l'âge de la société, vous vous en doutez).
Nos instruments sont monté avec leurs cordes.


It is to him that we owe all the beautiful photographs of our instruments. A talented photographer who doesn't just shoot guitars.